Ever have one of those nights where you wish you just would have stayed home and caught up on the news? There's something so bad about a bad date that even a bubble bath can't fully get rid of the "ick". Here are the top 10 signs you're on a bad date.



10. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to steer the conversation away from your breasts and how nice they look in your sweater.

9. He says, “Let’s skip the bull and get to why we’re really here.”

8. He just called you by the wrong name … for the third time.

7. You’ve never been so happy to see a bill in your life.

6. He looks into your eyes and tells you you’re so much better then his ex. Why? “Because she’s a f***ing b*tch who f***ing stole my f***ing heart.”

5. The conversation has been going non-stop—between him and Crystal, your waitress.

4. After reaching out to hold your hand across the table, he exclaims, “Okay, I have to go wash up before dinner!”

3. He picks you up at your place, but then asks if you wouldn't mind driving because there isn’t room for both of you on his bicycle.

2. He answers a call from “Stephanie” and whispers “I’m just hanging out with some friends.”

And the Winner:

He tells you “I decided to splurge tonight” as he pulls into the local "everything's under a buck" burger joint.

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