Despite reading a massive amount of relationship advice books and dating a fair share of the male population, there are still some aspects of men that remain a mystery to us. To shed some light on these baffling behaviors, we went straight to the sourceóa man himselfóto answer one such question:

Why does it seem like guys never pay attention? I can tell my boyfriend a story or remind him that we have plans and two minutes later he doesnít remember a word of what I said. Or weíll be walking and heíll get in his own world and leave me behind. Do men just have shorter attention spans or does he just not want to focus on me?

Answered by: James Riswick, 24

I think it's a little unfair to criticize the attention span of men alone when society at large now has attention spans that can be measured in nanoseconds. For that you can thank the Internet, iPods, cell phones and television. That reminds me, I have to TiVo American Gladiators on ESPN Classic tonight. Man that was sweet show. They'd better do the AssaultóNerf weapons, big-boobed Gladiators behind a compression air cannon. Awesome Ö

What was I saying? Oh yeah, attention span. In this specific case, there are several reasons I can think of that explain his behavior. The first is that you're walking too slowly and he's just not used to it. Men don't wear heels (ha ha!) and women tend to be shorter, so it can be hard to remember that you can't walk as fast as he can. The other explanation is that itís a natural, built-in mechanism left over from caveman days when the male would walk ahead of the female to stave off saber-toothed tiger attacks and the odd Neanderthal horde.