Author Flannery O’Connor titled her famous short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” and we know why. If you think you’ve found your loyal Colin Firth in the sea of one-night stand Colin Farrells, then you just might have a keeper.

Top 10 Signs He's a Keeper

10. He remembered your birthday...without strategically placed “reminder” notes.

9. He told you that you look gorgeous in your saggy sweatpants.

8. He’s still around even when you’re in a bad mood.

7. He admits you are better at tennis/basketball/soccer/crosswords (without resentment).

6. He’s still picking you up from the airport...and its been two years.

5. He listened to your you-and-Brad-Pitt-on-a-date dream (and even got a kick out of it). 

4. He watches “Project Runway” with you and your girlfriends, and he secretly likes it.

3. He went with you to your second cousin’s wedding and asked Aunt Helga for a slow dance. 

2. He invited you to join his fantasy football league. Enough said.

1. He stood up for you when the a@*hole at Pizza Palace wouldn’t give you your free bread sticks.     So, there you have it! The top 10 signs he's a keeper. We're sure there are a few signs we left out but hopefully your guy meets all the above and then some.    
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