Becoming a dad is the greatest change a man will ever face. It's like a bomb going off in the middle of your life. Even for men who truly want children. Men's worries about starting a family go way beyond the fact they'll be changing diapers and losing so much sleep that we'll barely be able to function without downing gallons of coffee. The issue is more that fatherhood is a life-long commitment. There, I said it. It's not something you do half-ass. It's a full-time job where you're always on call. Much like you savvy women, some men know in their heart of hearts they absolutely want kids, while others are dead certain of the oposite. But wanted or not, when that belly begins to grow and women feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about the growing bundle of joy inside, behind our smiles and nods of encouragement us men are sweating like never before thinking, "Am I really ready?" Here are four types of men I commonly encounter when it comes to having babies. To be honest, I know all about this last group especially. I'm one of them.

  Type 1: Wanting the Typical American Dream
When picturing his future years ago, John, 32, would imagine the typical American dream: pretty wife, cozy house, and giggling, smiling children. "I always planned to have kids," he says.   John had married friends who worried that children would disrupt their social lives, but that was never something that concerned him. He and his wife weren't staying out late at bars or restaurants anymore. They felt they had become grown-ups. I personally watched how they cooed over their two dogs and knew they were ready for the real deal. The couple now has a 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. For John, watching his children experience the world for the first time is amazing. "It just makes me feel good," he says. "It's hard to describe. It gives you a real good feeling."