Naughty and Nice Ways to Spice Up Routine Sex

You love your partner. You love sex. But sometimes even the most passionate couples can fall into a sexual routine. If you’re looking to make sex a little less perfunctory, here are some easy naughty and nice ideas to bring the spice back to your bedroom.

A Sexy Garter Belt
For whatever reason a woman in a garter belt is the ultimate sexual fantasy for many men. And there’s a good chance wearing one will make you just as turned on. Hide it under your work clothes, and when you casually strip down, you’ll both be more than pleasantly surprised.

Role Play
Play French maid – outfit or not, and bring a duster into the bedroom. Buy a new one (you don’t want to use the same duster you clean your house with), and arouse him to the point where he just can’t wait any longer. Graze over his back, chest, inner thighs and finally, his penis. Then, whisper in his ear, “Je vous veux” or I want you. Cleo’s Boutique sells a specialty duster that comes with a chocolate powder, perfect for tickling.

Naughty Board Games
Forget the normal card or board games and introduce a naughty board game instead. In Strip Chocolate, your clothes will come off and chocolate will come on. If you want to leave it up to fate, get a naughty set of dice and roll to see what pleasure awaits. Or have some outside fun with a game of naked hide-and-seek. Most importantly, no one loses.