Research into dreams shows they often contain important clues about what makes us happy or stressed, and how we can navigate between the two. Look at the common symbols many women share, and see if they match your nighttime adventures.

Theme: Old Flame Reruns
You are back in a former relationship in your dreams. This implies that your current relationship is causing emotional flashbacks to a previous connection. This is like a love memory that is ignited as we begin to care and get close again. If the memory is a bad one, consider if there are similar patterns afoot. If the memory is a good one, take heart, and let things unfold.

Theme: Coworker/Friend is Your Lover
In this dream, you are intimate with someone you know well and would never give a thought to as a possible partner in passion. Donít freak out. Dreams with unlikely partners are usually about working together or enjoying the chemistry of doing something well together. These dreams are an indication of sparks all right, but probably professional rather than sexual.

Theme: Stalked by an Assailant
These nightmares reflect anxiety about some stressor, or person, who is making you feel hounded. These dreams often arise early in a new flirtation, and should be monitored. It may be jitters, or it may be a signal to keep your eyes open and stay wary for a little while, until you get better acquainted.

Theme: Celebrity Encounter
You are the favored lover of a famous person who is revered for some talent or profession. This is more than a treat! It suggests you have a special ability or unique interest that you feel more passion for than you let on. Get organized and let yourself do what you love, if not professionally, then as a refreshing hobby.