What Men Think About During Sex - Men and Sex

It’s no secret that guys let their penises do a lot of their thinking, but, believe it or not, during sex a man’s brain works almost as hard as the brain between his legs. But it’s not so much what he’s thinking as why he’s thinking about it that should interest you. Find out what men think about during sex—and whether you should be worried.

Premature ejaculation.
Performance anxiety is a very real fear for the majority of men. That’s why almost every one of us has devised techniques to stay in the zone, including memorizing baseball statistics or doing multiplication tables.

Some, like Charles Leone, imagine they’re a power tool during sex.

“I used to have a problem with premature ejaculation until a friend I confided in told me I was thinking too much,” Leone says. “His technique was to imagine I was a power tool like a drill or even a sander. Something that just stays on when it’s turned on—like the Energizer Bunny, but more masculine.”

Leone says the tool-oriented technique helped calm his nerves by making him focus on the physical act, rather than his nervous mental state.

In order to avoid premature ejaculation a lot of men distance themselves. And, sadly, the more a guy likes a girl, the more likely he is to climax too soon—and the more he’ll need to distance himself. Sex expert Brandon Maxwell, creator of The Maxwell Multiple Climax, a sexual technique that allows guys to climax over and over again without ejaculating, says that’s why many guys avoid eye contact during sex.

“Guys are visual creatures,” Maxwell says. “If they see that the woman they like is aroused, that’s enough to make them come quick.”

That emotional distance that helps him last during sex often carries over to other parts of the relationship. For instance, Maxwell says those so-called “bad boys” who act like they don’t care about women usually have performance anxieties. In order to deal, they turn off their emotions and say, “I’m just going to do this for me.” They may last longer in sex, but their emotional relationships are usually short once a woman realizes the guy can’t fulfill her emotional needs.