Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, Back Bay Books, 336 pages
Who knew cooking could be so cathartic? Julie Powell realized she had nothing to lose when she took on the challenge suggested to her by her husband – making 536 of Julia Child’s recipes in 365 days and writing a blog about it. Not only do we love Julie and Julia, now we are starving too. Buy here.

Suite Française
by Irene Nemirovsky, Knopf, 416 pages
Irène Némirovsky died in Auschwitz in the 1940s, therefore making her novel debut nothing short of a miracle. Discovered by Némirovsky’s daughter in the ‘90s, Suite Française consists of two novellas about life in France, as Germany prepared to invade Paris. Although the book is an unfinished piece, missing the last three installments of its journey, it is a captivating piece of literature, and the survival of her work is a cause for celebration in itself. Buy here.

The Girls by Lori Lansens, Little, Brown and Company, 352 pages
Though they have two brains and two bodies, Rose and Ruby are locked, side-by-side through shared veins that can never be severed. In the novel, Lansens creates two distinct characters who have lived undeniably separate existences, so successfully that their eternal attachment is a continuous surprise. And yet, imagining one of the girls without the other is unthinkable. Through their trials and triumphs, Rose and Ruby remain a constant presence in one another’s lives, and none of us would have it any other way. Buy here.