When it comes to books, thereís nothing greater than knowing from page two itís going to take an earthquake, flood or life-threatening emergency for you to put it down.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon; I settled into a bubble bath and flipped open The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan. I expected to read a chapter or two and then move on with my day. I didnít expect to be swept up into such a captivating story that my skin looked more wrinkled than my ninety-yearĖold grandmothers from sitting in the water for over an hour. Nor did I expect to flake on my fancy dinner plans to sit on my couch with a book in hand. But I did, and I wish every book I picked up made me do the same.

Set in both San Francisco and a village in Southwestern China, The Hundred Secret Senses is a beautiful and haunting tale of a complicated relationship between two sisters, Olivia and Kwan, and their respective countries. Told by both Olivia and Kwan, itís a story of family, love, pain, acceptance and truth, and is bound to sweep readers into a world they never expected to enter and never want to leave.

Since her huge success with international bestselling novel The Joy Luck Club, Tanís been described by readers and critics as a master storyteller, a graceful and humorous writer, a literary genius. After reading The Hundred Secret Senses Iíll agree with all those comments and Iíll add one more. She's good. Damn good.

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