It seems every week a new designer jean is introduced claiming “they’re” the must-have to look slimmer, sexier, taller, and chicer. While new designers are fun to try out sometimes it’s best to stick with a classic… like Levi’s.

Introducing hot new designs Levi’s has created a sophisticated, sexy boot that sits on the hips to elongate your leg. I stepped into the Levi’s Mid Rise Boot and felt the comfort of returning home; but to a remodeled, even better home than before. Almost as comfy as my sweats, definitely as stylish as any of my $200 + designer jeans, the Levi’s Mid Rise Boot is about a quarter of the price at $58.00.

During my first ten hours I took my jeans out on my daily errands, to a late lunch and finally to a lounge. They were easy to dress up or down and in every setting they brought me feelings of comfort, sex-appeal, and most importantly confidence. Hooray for classics!

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