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How You (Yes You!) Can Make a Difference

We would say happy Black Friday, but a day filled with fighting over electronics and waiting in long lines isn’t our idea of a good time. What is? Doing something good this season. 

We’re not talking about buying your mom the sweater she’s been eyeing, or your sister that cozy robe that screams hygge.

Nope, we’re suggesting you give the ultimate meaningful gift: Your time, spent volunteering.

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Yes, Please, Thank You

Giving thanks is like screaming to the universe, “Yes! Give me more of what I want please, thank you.”

An attitude of gratitude is key to manifesting goodness in our lives and little or big, we can always find something to be thankful for when we try.

In honor of Thanksgiving (and because it just feels so good!), add the following simple exercise to your daily routine and watch yourself feel lighter and brighter.

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Love the One You’re With

There’s nothing better than being with someone who truly gets you.

Still, sometimes life takes over, and you find yourself living with your partner, but not truly connecting. Your conversations center around what you have to get done that day or week, and when your partner drops the ball, it’s all you can think about.

That translates into frustration, and perhaps treating each other worse than you’d really like.

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Vote the Change You Wish to See in the World

Next week is a big one: election week. On Tuesday, if you only cross off one thing on your to-do list, make sure it’s to VOTE!

Whether you follow politics religiously or only have a vague idea who your congressperson is, now’s the time to study the issues, solidify your opinions and weigh in with your ballot.

It’s true what they say: Every vote counts.

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Take a Step, Then Another

What more would you like to be, do or have?

If you knew you could not fail, what would you go after?

Chances are your mind is bursting with ideas: plans to start a new side hustle, write a book or get into healthy cooking.

We want you to know, Savvy, the goals you have are in fact doable, it’s just about keeping your dream alive by taking one step, and then another.

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Sleep Looks Good on You

So many important things vye for space on our to-do lists. There are work deadlines, meals to whip up, exercise to squeeze in, date nights to make.

And lest we forget family and friend obligations (oh the gender reveal parties, birthdays, bridal showers and housewarmings — which, while fun, take up a lot of time in our calendars).

Once we get around to crossing everything off we finally allow ourselves to say, “nighty-night.”

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Savor Single Delights

Whether single by intention or default, in a relationship or married, there are certain single gal perks every woman can appreciate.

Even the happiest of marrieds savor those weekends when her hubby leaves town so she can enjoy her single gal rituals, and reacquaint herself with, well, herself. And if you’re not in the best place marriage-wise, you probably need these moments even more.

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No Savvy Miss Is an Island

Being able to take care of yourself and thrive all on your own is empowering. Hats off to you, Savvy!

That said, as strong and self-reliant as any of us may be, we still need quality people in our corner — women and men who truly get you, and have your back no matter what.

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Speak Your Truth, Savvy

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken,” said the wise Dr. Seuss. And though his advice seems simple to follow, we often need a reminder of just how important it is to stay honest to who we truly are.

Because even though we don’t mean to, sometimes we bottle up thoughts and points-of-view that make us, well, us.

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