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Be a Work in Progress Gradually Progressing

Hi Friends, I have a new favorite word I’d like to introduce you to today: Flawsome. Flawsome (adj.) An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.   Two things I observe quite a bit in our culture are: Most of us are pretty hard...

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The Rule of Five to Get to Where You Want to Be

So many people come to me not being where they want to be and feeling frustrated, defeated, depleted and all kinds of negative emotions.

Today, I want to share with you the best (and most easy and relaxed) way I know how to get to where you want to be: The Rule of Five.

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10 Daily Musts to be Good to Ourselves

No matter what’s on our to-do list, the most important thing we can accomplish in any day is being good to ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we have to spend hours at a spa or big bucks on a fancy dinner. (How fantastic though if you can!) I’m talking about simple things we can all do that will make a huge difference in our days and lives.

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Trust Something Better’s in Store

On the eve of my birthday I have a tradition of watching the sunset by myself.

Sometimes I journal, take inventory of the past year and set goals. Other times, I simply watch the sun fall and say goodbye to the year.

I always do it somewhere with a spectacular view and I always take a picture.

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Maybe So, Maybe Not

Last week, I was hit with a tsunami of technology problems. As it tends to go with technology, or any unexpected obstacle we encounter, it was terribly frustrating.

“Why me?! Why now?!” I bemoaned, feeling as if it was the worst thing that could’ve happened.

Then I remembered a story…

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10 Signs You’re In Need of Connecting With You

We all need time alone. It’s not something to be rewarded after trudging through a rough week.

“Me” time isn’t earned, nor is it a luxury we should feel guilty about – it’s a necessity to recharge and be “all one” with ourselves.

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Expect Great Things

Lately, I’ve been thinking about expectations and expecting great things to happen in our lives.

Not wanting, hoping or wishing for these things, but expecting them.

Last weekend, I got to hang out with my goddaughter, Bailey, and second cousin, Aiden, two of the sweetest, smartest and cutest toddlers I’ve ever met. (Yes, I may be slightly biased. 😉 )

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Who Are We To Be Great?

I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend cozying up reading as a much-appreciated storm swept through California.

One thing I came across inspired me to my core and I wanted to share it with you:

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3 Keys to Achieve Anything You Want

There’s a trend in the air I see every December.

Everyone I know (including myself!) either scrambles to achieve all we set out to for the year back in January, or we’re writing out a gazillion things for next year.

I’ll always be a work in progress, but in my life I’ve learned 3 keys to achieving anything we want (no, seriously!) that I’m happy to share with you today:

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