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Latest Feel-Good Notes

Take a Break From the Digital Chatter

Marlene Dietrich famously said, “It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Now that social media has been in most of our lives for over a decade, longer than some of our close “real-life” friendships, a whole lot of people are wondering why they’re still connected to people who quite frankly aren’t in their real lives for a reason.

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Rejection for the Win

We’re only human, so when we don’t get something we have our hearts set on, something doesn’t go our way or someone doesn’t want us, it’s natural to feel disappointed or bad about ourselves.

“What’s wrong with me?” We may wonder. “Why not me?”

But, what if every time we experienced rejection, we could know we’re being redirected toward something better?

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The Top 5 Perks of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

1. You don’t have to endlessly search Open Table to find an available reservation. Or start your dinner at 10 p.m. (and practically sleep through the meal) because it was the only time your favorite restaurant had free.

2. You don’t have to get stuck with an expensive prix fixe meal. Why is it that on Valentine’s Day, restaurants only offer prix fixe options?!

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