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We’re only human, so when we don’t get something we have our hearts set on, something doesn’t go our way or someone doesn’t want us, it’s natural to feel disappointed or bad about ourselves.

“What’s wrong with me?” We may wonder. “Why not me?”

But, what if every time we experienced rejection, we could know we’re being redirected toward something better?

What if we realized rejection is truly a blessing?

Life works in strange ways and rejection can actually keep you from accepting jobs you don’t really want, dating partners who won’t actually be there for you when you need them and spending time on opportunities that don’t align with your vision.

So try not to take rejection personally or allow feelings that you’re not good enough take you off course. It’s why so many people give up on their dreams when they’re so close to achieving them.

Next time you feel even a twinge of rejection, remind yourself you’re not being rejected at all — you’re being redirected toward something even better. Even if you can’t see it yet. 

Keep your head held high and your feet moving forward, knowing there’s something great in store for you.

Because there always is.

It may even show up the very next day!


Quote du jour

“I believe that rejection is a blessing because it’s the universe’s way of telling you that there’s something better out there.” -Michelle Phan 


Savvy Tip

It used to be a compliment if someone said, “You’re a great multitasker!” But when it comes to productivity, researchers now know it’s better to focus on one single task at a time. Why? Multi-tasking pulls our attention in all directions, so to-dos that should take a few minutes end up taking twice as long, because we keep having to refocus to get them done. It can also cause some people to feel anxious and overwhelmed — not ideal.  

To get better at single-tasking, try the “chunking” method, and group together related activities, so you, say, answer emails for 20 minutes, then go back to your project for an hour, rather than answering emails in the midst of your project. You’ll end up finishing faster and feel more accomplished and at ease too!



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