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Hi Friends,

I have a new favorite word I’d like to introduce you to today: Flawsome.

Flawsome (adj.) An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.


Two things I observe quite a bit in our culture are:

  1. Most of us are pretty hard on ourselves and tend to focus on what we perceive to be bad, wrong or unwanted more than what’s good, right and wanted.
  2. Most of us are terribly impatient. We expect to conquer the world in a day and get down on ourselves when life doesn’t go like that.

It doesn’t matter how amazing we already are, how much we have accomplished or how many areas of our lives are wonderful, so many of us are hard-wired to find and focus on what we perceive to be flaws.

So, your business of leading tours through Tuscany isn’t going as great as expected, or your body is so far from bathing suit perfect you stocked up on muumuu’s for summer.

The vast majority of us have something we’d prefer to be different. But in order to live a happy life we must accept that we, like every person in our world, are flawsome. We make mistakes and things don’t always go as planned and we’re not going to like everything about our lives every second of every day.

But we have to love ourselves anyway. Flaws and all.

Through loving ourselves, flaws and all, we come to embrace or at least accept the things we don’t care for and can change them with far more ease. Sometimes it’s simply changing our thoughts and we stop noticing them.

The cool thing about life is we get to start over every day if we want. Anything we don’t like about ourselves or lives we can improve. Anything that no longer serves us we can release. We just have to decide to do it, focus and move forward with love for the process.

Remember, change doesn’t have to be drastic or happen overnight. The most lasting change is gradual. Even setting an intention sets things in motion and is a step to be celebrated. In the meantime give more attention to the things you do like, are proud of and are working for you.

Next time you catch yourself being hard on yourself take a breath and embrace your flawsome-ness. Instead of focusing on “wrongs” focus on everything that’s right and give yourself a break.

We’re all works in progress gradually progressing.

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